Welcome to the Composable Logic Web site. The Composable Logic mission is to improve the quality of complex applications through model refinement and validation. Composable Logic is led by Dr. Jeff Smith, a consultant specializing in the architecture of complex systems. Dr. Smith has spent three decades working in domains e.g. Electronic Warfare, Software Radio, Communications and Stores Management (see biography). As a solution driven senior technologist acknowledged for not only defining strategic vision but managing the transition to tactical operations through funding acquisition, mentoring, initial program management and brokering university and corporate partnerships. Dr. Smith has broad educational, application and business development experience to capture and assimilate new programs.As a change agent, critical problem solver and technologist, started several new business areas and influenced widely used standards. The Composable Logic team is augmented by a cadre of recognized just-in-time experts primarily in technologies that complement the Composable Logic mission e.g. in system architecture, novel search, modeling, specification and validation, model refinement and training.